Listings: Display Company Image

This requires Listify 1.4+

With Listify 1.4 and up, users can now choose to display a company logo image on the listing cards on their listings results pages and the single listings hero image.

To add a Company Image or Listing Owner Avatar follow these steps:

Visit Appearance > Customize >  Listings ▸Listing Card and  Appearance > Customize >  Listings ▸ Listing Page
Make sure to have the "Display Secondary Image" Option checked
In "Secondary Image" choose if you want to display Listing Owner Avatars or Company Logo image.

NOTE: You can also decide the style of your Company Logo or Avatar by setting the "Secondary Image Style" to be a Circle or Square.

If you choose Listing Owner Avatar, the listing cards will display the owners currently set avatar.
If you choose Company Logo, the listing submission (and the edit) forms will now have an additional field for Company Logos where users can upload the company logo of the listing.

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