Add Your Google Maps API Key (Video)


To get started using the API, you need to  access the Google Developer console. In the Google Developers Console, follow these steps:

Create a new project. 

Create your API key

When creating your API key, go to Credentials ▸ Select the "API key" option.

Create a "Browser Key"

Name your API key and also add the URL of your Listify website. To make sure your website requests are accepted, make sure you add at least the below two website urls:

  • **

Adding Domain Names

  • Remember to replace with you actual website URL.
  • Do not include http://, https://, or www. in your entries.
  • Only add one domain entry at a time.

Once done. Create the key and then copy the key into your website under Customize ▸ Listings ▸ Map Settings

Enable the API Services

To enable the geolocation and geocoding functionalities you need to enable these API services together with the Google Maps JavaScript API

In the API Manager click "Overview" on the left side of the screen and then search for the Geocoding API.

Click the Google Maps Geocoding API and Enable the service.

Repeat this process and enable the  Google Maps Geolocation API, Google Places API Web Service and also the Google Maps JavaScript API.

Add The Key

Once you have created the key visit your WordPress dashboard. Then in Appearance ▸ Customize ▸ Listings ▸ Map Settings paste in your newly created key.

Tip: Wait!

It can take up to five minutes for API keys to be fully created and take affect.